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Using digital signage software, we can provide marketing services to promote local businesses. Also, we provide lots of other services to new business owners who need securities and customer experiences with our 'Know-How.'

Hana AD

TV in your store can be used to promote other local business in your town. Not only you promote your business using menu boards, but you can make money using promotional board TV. Your customers love to see what other businesses are around and you can get paid for the advertisement.

Ad spot providers in NJ (as of Dec, 2019)

  • Bakery Cafe, Fort Lee

  • Restaurant, Little Ferry

  • Restaurant, Palisades Park

Marketing & Promotions

  • Advertising Campaigns

  • Print Poster/ Banner

  • Website Design

  • Online Review Services

Additional Services

  • CCTV Installation

  • POS/Credit card Installation

  • Smart Home System (NEW)

  • projector Installation

  • Signs & Awnings services (NEW)

shutterstock_88451932 Harddware.png

Hardware Installation

From digital signage technology to CCTV or electricity installation, our team knows what it takes to bring your business to life. We create customer friendly experiences that are built around your unique lifestyle.

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